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Background: A-1 Dental Parts

Project Description

Paul Dutra contacted us after working in the field servicing Dental offices throughout the Central Coast region and Santa Clara County. He also started an on-line parts store to build up for his future retirement but it was not performing well for him. After meeting with us, we suggested creating a brand (CONSULTING), Paul hired us to create a Logo (BRANDING) for his on-line store and later had us perform regular maintenance for the store (WEBSITE). Paul also purchased custom embroidered Shirts (APPAREL) from us for his service business.

A few years later, Paul came to us and asked for more advice on how to grow his on-line business? We suggested building a true e-commerce site (WEBSITE) for his parts store along with a custom e-mail address (WEBSITE / BRANDING). This helped to professionalize the image of the business. We then produced new Business Cards with a QR Code (BRANDING) for his store. Next, we created a custom EDDM Post Card mailer (BRANDING) which was sent out to increase more traffic to his new on-line store.






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